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Enzymes are Proteins: A Definitive Guide of 4000+ Words (Updated)

Enzymes are Proteins – The Guide Encompasses Introduction, History, Structure, Active Site, Enzyme Action, Functions, Models, Factors, Inhibitors, Classification, Nomenclature Enzymes are proteins that speed up the reactions by acting as catalysts. They increase the rate of reaction without being consumed or permanently altered by themselves. In Greek enzymes are divided into sections “En” which …

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Viruses Definition: A Case Study Guide About Life of Viruses (Updated)

Viruses definition Guide Includes Structure, Nature, Classification, Hierarchy, Types of Viruses, Symptoms, Transmission, Their Control and Examples of Viruses Viruses definition were composed at different times by different workers. Its understanding can be depicted by the definition list. As we know, viruses emerged as a new identity around the 1930s. Viruses Definition By Different Scientists …

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Spirogyra (Pond Scum): Definitive Case Study To Pond Scum (Updated)

Spirogyra (Pond Scum) – Characteristics, Vegetative and Sexual Reproduction (Scalariform Conjugation, Lateral Conjugation), Parthenogenesis Spirogyra algae is a widely distributed large genus consisting of about 300 species found throughout the world. It grows in fresh water as free-floating mass and thus commonly called pond scum. It is found growing in fresh water stagnant reservoirs and …

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Volvox Case Study Guide (Classification, Characteristics, Reproduction)

Volvox Case Study Guide Covers up Classification, Characteristics, Volvox Under Microscope, Reproduction (Asexual and Sexual Reproduction) Volvox is a fresh water planktonic (free-floating) alga. There are about 20 species belongs to these genera. In the plant kingdom it appears as the most beautiful and attractive object. It is found in fresh water as green balls …

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Classification of Plants and Different Classification Systems (Case Study)

Classification of Plants – Work of Aristotle, Linnaeus, DE Jussieu, Darwin, Whittaker Classification of Plants: The human dependence on plants for living forced him to recognize them. Whereas understand of interrelationship of plants forced him to classify and arrange them so as to manipulate the plants and plant products for his utilization in more befitting …

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